National Socialist Movement Rally at Brandon Park

45 concrete barriers were surrounding 2 Jewish synagogues yesterday in a preemptive move by local government in case the National socialist Movement ended up having a rally, even though the leader of the movement didn’t officially state an assembly was happening. This didn’t keep 15 members from rallying at Brandon park. The local police were on scene immediately as a small group of members showed up where they constantly surveyed to group to make sure nothing got out of hand. The self proc;aimed neo-Nazi’s armed with AR-15’s, pistols and semi-automatic shotguns arrived in 3 vans. During their open carry, the members allegedly taunted onlookers and shouted racial slurs at passerby’s. A group of 6 gathered and tried to confront the Nazi group before being intercepted by police to keep things under control. No people were harmed, and the rally only lasted about 45 minutes before the ending peacefully.

Mifflinburg Cyclist In Critical Condition

A bicyclist has been admitted to Geisinger medical center in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle Monday morning. Media outlets say Joseph Shamburg, a 52 year old man from Mifflinburg was exiting the rails to trails path onto buffalo creek road before being hit by a 2009 Chevrolet impala, operated by 74 year old women named Margie Lohr. Shamburg is still in critical condition as of Friday.

1 Pet Dead 2 Missing in Home Burglary

A home burglary recently took place in North Umberland County leaving 1 pet dead and 2 missing. The house was located on North Mill Road in East Chillisquaque Township. State police investigated the scene and put out a statement saying that someone entered the home on June 17th killing a pet guinea pig. 2 cats were also there at the time of the break in, but are currently missing.

Governor Wolf Pushing For Federal Aid

Governor Wolf has been meeting with Pennsylvania’s congress attempting to get aid for suffering restaurant owners across the state. In a press reiaf Wolf  state “Our nation’s independent local restaurants have been especially harmed by this pandemic and they need federal help.” The Bi partisan bill, if passed, would provide a 120 million dollar grant to independently owned bars and restaurants. How much restaurants and bars will receive is based on 2019 and 2020 tax records. Owners could receive up to 10 million dollars to help with things like payroll, rent, food and any other overhead costs needed to the hard hit restaurant industry. For a Summary of the bill, you can click this link.



The major league umpire Rick Reed, who continued working as an umpire despite 2 strokes in 2008 and 2009, has passed away Thursday night, bring his 3 decade career to an end.


Electronic arts, the game publisher for the popular football game madden, will be following suit in changing the name of the Washington redskins in game for madden 21.


Exhibition games are being shortened from 12 minute quarters to 10 minute quarters to not overly tax teams with a shortened roster or the players that haven’t been active during the months of the pandemic.