Bellefonte Board Members Discuss Mask Mandate

The Bellefonte borough council discussed plans for mitigation efforts at Monday’s board meeting, following in state college’s footsteps. While they admire state college’s plans, according to the sun gazette some of the board members don’t want a carbon copy and plan to tweak a few things to tailor it for Bellefonte. The next board meeting is about 2 weeks away, and residents can expect a more fleshed out agenda by then at the next board meeting.

PIAA Vote to Restart Athletics

Yesterday’s meeting with the PIAA board of directors resulted in a vote of 25 to 5 that teams in Pennsylvania can officially begin practice for fall sports on Monday.  According to the sun gazette the board of directors agreed that athletics decisions should be made locally, so that each school can decide whether to proceed or which sports to sponsor. In a statement by Governor Wolf this week he maintains his recommendation that school sports should wait in Pennsylvania until 2021, however the Board of Directors the PI AA said That with local adherence to developed school health and safety plans and utilizing the PI AAA return to competition guidelines, fall Sports can continue safely. First scrimmage dates for football will be September 5 for and the first contest for football will be September 11.

Route 199 Construction

A 4 year project on route 199 will be starting in September. The 16.4 million dollar project will be completed by kriger construction and will include new curbing, ADA accomadaions at intersections, improved drainage, new paving and line upgrades. A virtual public meeting will be held this Thursday at 5 pm. Click here for more information on their website.

11 Year Old Boy Hit by Truck

A 11 year old boy from Montoursville has been admitted to the trauma unit at the Geisinger medical center in Danville due to the injuries he sustained when he was struck by a pickup truck. According to the sun gazette Police chief Jeffery Gyurina said the truck hit the boy on the 700 block of north loyal sock Ave around 1:40 pm after he ran in front of it while it was entering a Lowe’s parking lot, and that the father told him that the boy is in stable condition. The identities of the child and the driver have not been released.

Mother Charged With 3 Felonies

A Williamsport mother is being charged with 3 felonies after letting her kids, ages 7 to 11, ingest controlled substances. According to the sun gazette Patrolman Robert Mausteller said in an affidavit that Rebecca Rittman, 31, of 2117 Good Alley were staying at 521 Factory road in Hepburn township when she allowed her children to smoke marijuana. The investigation was started when the county children and youth department received a tip about the offense. When investigators spoke with the children one of them stated “mom makes me do it, but I don’t like it.” She is currently free on $50,000 bail, and is scheduled to a hearing with district judge William Solomon on September 2nd.



Washington coach Ron Rivera has been diagnosed with cancer. He revealed this to his team Thursday, stating it was in the early stages and very treatable. As of now, nothing changes, and he will continue coaching.


The Scores for Fridays games are in! Braves beat Phillies 11 to 2, Padres over Astros 4 to 3, Athletics over Angels, 5 to 3, Red Sox over Orioles 8 to 5, Dodgers over Rockies 5 to 1 and Giants over Diamond backs 6 to 2.