Representative Jeff Wheeland has reintroduce house bill 1579, with the intent to quell unfaith in the integrity of our election. The bill would introduce some ID requirements to any Pennsylvanian voters wanting to participate in the election, with Wheeland saying in a statement released that you cant do much of anything in life without an ID, the same standard should apply to voters. Under the bill expectable ID’s would include a military and student ID, along with a drivers license, bank statement, current utility bill, firearm permit or government issued check. Anyone not able to produce a photo ID would need 2 forms of non-photo ID’s.

Bishop to the united Methodist church Jeremiah J Park, recently urged members of the church and pastors to cease in person congregation in an advent messege from the Susquehanna conference of the united Methodist church, saying that the grave situation requires a sacrificial response. According to the sun gazette many pastors in the area found it difficult to to suspend in person worship, espescially with Christmas season approaching. Regardless, many are conceding, in line with the request from Park, shifting to online worship, or broadcasts at local radio stations to continue their work from a distance.

Williamsport Police Officer Clinton Gardner made a traffic stop after observing the driver leah Davis and a passenger roll through a stop sign. When approaching the drivers side he alleges to have smelled a marijuana odor and saw what looked like to be a burnt marijuana cigarette. The police report says that the passenger, Kasaan Lamar McKay, a 26 year old Brooklyn native, tried hiding cocaine in his rectum, along with finding 5k in cash and a large amount of unused packaging. During the search someone called McKay’s cellphone requesting crack. He is being held at the Lycoming county prison under an $85,000 bail, and is facing 2 felonies and a misdemeanor.

A jersey shore women reported domestic violence to police, alleging that her boyfriend assaulted her by breaking her lip and choking her. 25 Year old Noah Fox-Carr is accused of the assault at the 600 block of south broad street in jersey shore. The officer who wrote the report, recorded that the victim had asked for a pillow from Fox-Carr when he said no, hitting her. She then tried exiting the residence with her daughter before Fox-Carr intercepted her, forcing her onto the couch, strangling her. She was examined at the emergency room and found to have a concussion. Fox-Carr was charged with one felony count of strangulation and simple assault.

City council has made some revisions to the mayor’s first proposed budget, leaning more towards budget cuts, taking ou t$766,500 dollars of tax revenue in a 4 to 2 vote. According to the Sun Gazette, city councilman Adam Yoder said that the first Mayor Slaughters first budget was the largest tax increase in over 15 years, and gave shade to the current attitude from many state employees saying that we have to figure out how to live within our means rather than raising taxes to keep up. Currently the tax rate is staying at 17.22 million dolllars, down from 2.5 million, but according to councilwoman Liz Miele, that it is not a final product. The mayor and council will be continuing their work on the budget over the next week.

An early morning car crash on route 22 left a teen dead in this multi collision car crash. At 4:45 the unidentified teen was speeding while trying to pass a truck in the left lane when he lost control and spun into the side fuel tank of the truck. When both cars stopped the teen got out on the side of the road, failing to keep his lights on. Another tractor trailer came driving up the road and swerved out of the way to avoid hitting the wrecked cars, striking the teen. Police and coroners along with a cleanup crew arrived shortly after, all of the vehicles were cleared off the road before 10am.

This Monday UPMC will be expanding their service hours at the COVID-19 outpatient collection site starting Monday. Anyone with a physician referall will be able to get a covid test at the Brandon ave location. The new hours will be Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm, and Sunday 8am to noon. The chief medical Director, David Lopatofsky says the hours change is in response to the spike of patients we have been having, and that it is ment to reduce the expended resources on site inside the hospital. It’s going to allow a more thorough and efficient exam for people who don’t necessarily need the higher level of care the hospital provides.



The Texas Rangers hired former pitcher Chris Young as executive vice president and general manager Friday, bringing the Major League Baseball executive home to work under president of baseball operations Jon Daniels, the club’s GM since 2005.


Free-agent linebacker Vontaze Burfict was arrested early Saturday in Nevada on a misdemeanor battery charge, according to Clark County court records. According to Clark County Detention Center records, Burfict, whose bond was set at $1,000, was released on his own recognizance. A hearing in the case was set for Monday.